The return of the biggest night in hollywood

The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles is being prepared as we speak. 

After a full year without a proper ceremony, the Academy Awards is planning for a full-fledged return this March. 

Better known as the Oscars, this prestigious ceremony aims to celebrate the greatest films released during the previous year. The event is widely referred to as the biggest night in Hollywood. 

It is no surprise that the pandemic altered how the Oscars ceremony operated last year. The Academy of Motion Pictures opted to hold the ceremony at Union Station in Los Angeles instead of the ceremony’s usual home, The Dolby Theater. 

A better part of the ceremony was done online, much to the dismay of most recipients, who were forced to accept their golden statues and deliver their once in a lifetime speeches via Skype. 

Last year’s alterations impacted the ceremonies ratings heavily. According to CNBC, Neilson data showed that the program’s viewership was down 51% from the previous show held in 2020. 

To boot, the majority of who did tune into last year’s program credited the ceremony as “unwatchable”

With the new ceremony approaching in less than two months, there is just one question left lingering; What will the Academy do to redeem themselves?

First and foremost, the show will be returning to The Dolby Theater, a familiar setting that will hopefully bring back a familiar audience. 

Not only that, but for the first time in four years, the awards will have a host. In prior years, the ceremony chose to run without one set host, leading to even more of a decline in viewership for later shows. 

While the Academy has yet to announce this year’s host, speculations on who will take the stage have undoubtedly begun, with contenders ranging from Tina Fey to Tom Holland. 

In regard to fashion, an extravagant red carpet is expected to present the most beloved designs draped on equally beloved stars. 

As always,  nominations are not to be announced until February 8th,, but favourite contenders have already been named. 

Audiences can expect to see films such as Dune, West Side Story and King Richard fight for the Best Picture statue. Their respected directors go head to head for a Best Director golden statue as well. 

Actors and actresses predicted to gain a nomination span from Nicole Kidman and Kristen Stewart to Andrew Garfeild and Will Smith. 

Musical guests will also not be announced until closer to the ceremony date. However, performers usually correspond with Grammy nominations, creating a predictable lineup of singers like Billie Elilish and Ariana Grande. 

Quite evidently,the Academy of Motion Pictures is making a strenuous effort in creating a ceremony that will not only entertain, but hopefully save, their ratings from plummeting even lower. 

On March 27th, save the date and tune into the potential redemption of Hollywood’s biggest night.

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