The Naughty Prude: Valentines Day edition

Valentine’s Day is very often misinterpreted. Too many people forcefully emphasize materialistic gifts as a way to show appreciation and love. The purpose of Valentine’s Day is not how much money you can spend on your significant other.

An alarming percentage of adults are alienated and insecure about not having a date come Feb. 14, a position I have admittedly found myself in more than once. If you do not have a “romantic” Valentine this Thursday, spend the holiday with a friend. But if you decide to spend this holiday with your significant other, concentrate on the emotional and physical aspects of your affection.

As students, we are on a budget and when it is this close to the end of the year money is potentially really tight. Flowers and chocolates paired alongside a corny card is overplayed and on the verge of emotionless. As sexual human beings, we all share the common need for coital frequency, so show your significant other how much you care by focusing all your attention on them, sexually.

Give them the gift of a sensual head-to-toe massage. If you have never given a massage before, confront your technical doubts with the powers of massage oils. Our brains are our most powerful sex organ, which is why scents are so important, they heighten our senses- thus adding to the experience. There are several types of massage oils you can use. The three I recommend are:

Almond Oil: The sweet scent is a natural lubricant, absorbing quickly, but smoothly.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Oil: The stimulating scent of Eucalyptus oil is known to clear the mind whilst Spearmint helps relieve fatigue. Together Eucalyptus and Spearmint oil is the perfect combination to calm and relieve the body of stress.

Edible Massage Oil: Scented and edible massage oils are incredibly seductive and intimate and presents the option for both partners to indulge.

Cook your significant other their favorite meal. It does not matter if it is home-style macaroni and cheese or pizza, putting forth the effort will show you really care about them and their taste buds. To be extra efficient try your best to include known aphrodisiacs to the recipe.

Basil: a unique and intriguing aphrodisiacal scent but also has a lot of positive effects for the body.

Chocolate: a famously known aphrodisiac because it contains PEA phenyl ethylamine, which has been coined as the love chemical.

 Asparagus: disregarding the visually suggesting shape of the asparagus, this vegetable contains nutrients that aid in hormone production.

Another fabulous, yet simple idea is rent your significant other’s favorite movie. Yes, you may have to watch a horrible romantic comedy, or an over-acted Arnold Schwarzenegger movie but in the end will you really be watching that much of the movie anyways?

Most importantly, this Valentine’s Day award your significant other the gift of an orgasm, because nothing shows your love more than sexual bliss.

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