The Naughty Prude: October 17, 2012

The decision to partake in a threesome is not a simple one like bringing someone home from the bar or even deciding to become “exclusive”. It is much, much heavier than that.

Deciding to have a threesome is deciding to indulge in an alternative lifestyle. You are taking a huge risk when you agree, and are essentially going in blind. Your inhibitions are playing Marco-Polo, desperately hoping to connect with the other two thirds of the intimate equation.

I am going to view the logistics of a threesome like a math equation. Admittedly, I suck at math but please bare with me.

Two parts couple (or one) couple, one part stranger: You, by yourself or with your partner, decide to spice up your relationship with the zestiest of spices: the threesome. For a couple, this can be seriously risky, and unfortunately for some, a fatal move.

Even if you are the mastermind behind setting up the threesome, it does not appoint you puppeteer. All participants in the threesome are equal and should be allotted the same amount of attention.

One part stranger, one part couple: The couple are the sought and the stranger is the seeker. As the couple, you generally have no obligations in this equation except maintaining the level of attractiveness that turned the stranger on in the first place. Although you must set up ground rules, which should start with respecting comfort levels. As a couple being asked to participate in a threesome by an outside source, there needs to be a conversation regarding boundaries.

Although threesomes are extremely risky they are so desirable and are highly fantasized. Being a tad brash, I am going to say the majority of individuals our age (young adults) have debated if they would ever participate in a threesome.

Personally I believe it is a normal topic of debate amongst friends and an exploration of our sexuality. The actual execution and participation in a threesome demands extensive thought, awareness and confidence.

You don’t need to be the star of the show and you definitely cannot be greedy, but what you can do is thoroughly enjoy yourself, seek and explore all the erogenous zones of your fellow participants, gauge their reactions and relish in their pleasure.

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