The Cord taste-tested Wilf’s Presidential Menu

Graphic by Kash Patel


The name is quite self-explanatory: Dev-ritos Chicken Nachos is prepared with a base layer of cheese Doritos and is topped with Wilf’s cheese blend, grilled chicken, ranch dressing, hot sauce, green onions, peppers, tomatoes, shredded lettuce and served with sour cream and salsa.

These nachos were a safe bet as they’re very easily shareable. So while it’s not a super creative dish, it definitely gets lots of points for being the perfect drunk food. Like, blackout drunk. Or even just tipsy, who am I to say?

If you’re like me and you really hate Doritos but love nachos, this dish might leave you feeling conflicted. Overall though, The Cord’s consensus was that this dish was very flavourful and filling. The hot sauce added a level of spice that tied the dish together for me, and my co-workers were more than satisfied with this dish.   

Again, this is definitely not a meal that you’d want to eat if you’re in the middle of your 12-week gym cut, but if this dish makes it onto the menu permanently, the school vending machines will be supplied with health foods anyway! I’m pretty sure that’s what gym rats mean when they talk about an 80-20 diet, right?


Graphic by Kash Patel


For those who might not know, xango is a deep fried cheesecake dessert, commonly eaten in Mexico.

Xuereb’s Xango’s are tossed in cinnamon sugar, served with strawberries, whipped cream, and three dipping sauces — chocolate, strawberry and dulce de leche.

The dish definitely gets points for creativity. Since nobody at the The Cord knew what a xango was, the added mystery was definitely a plus.

This is a super indulgent dish, and it felt like I was being served a plate of absolute glutton. But I guess that’s what it usually feels like to be eating cheesecake anyway.   

Unexpectedly, the xango’s were easily shareable as they were divided into four pieces, which is nice because eating even one fourth of this dish had me feeling moderately immobilized. The three dipping sauces also add a nice variety of choices and kept the dish from feeling repetitive.  w

If you have any dietary restrictions, it would be in your best interest to avoid this dish because it’s primarily made with dairy and gluten — although this might make for an ideal meal for some (a.ka. me).

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