Why you should get into watching The Bachelor

Graphic by Jamie Mere

If you like meaningless drama, imaginary fairy tales or just the intensity of women fighting for that final rose, then you have already seen The Bachelor.

I think we can all admit to watching clips, if not full episodes, of The Bachelor. The show has been going on, somehow, for merely twenty-four seasons.

Everyone has those friends that scroll through the show’s memes on social media of the drama that consistently unfolds during each  season of The Bachelor.

Just this past week, you have probably seen the video of the girl drinking the champagne from the bottle that ends up spraying all over her face.

Incredibly ironic, especially since just before that scene, she was crying and arguing with another girl for stealing her champagne that she brought from home to share with The Bachelor.

It is so easy to start gossiping about the show when none of this drama affects us in any way.

This is what makes predicting the next bachelor and who will go home when they can’t take the heat of the other contestant’s catty behaviour.

But the show is more complex than you would think. These girls spend loads of money and countless hours of their time to participate in high-stakes reality television.

These women spend up to 10 weeks off from their full-time jobs to find Mr. Right in California.

These women are taking a large risk to spend thousands of dollars on expenses for there to not even be a grand prize for competing other than a “perfect” man.

Most of the drama from the show is ignited through jealousy. Especially if you have been keeping up, this season’s bachelor has no problem kissing all the contestants.

It is also intriguing to place yourself in the show and imagine how you would act or how far you would go to impress your future husband, to pose the question, “Would I really cry over a man that I’ve barely met and known only briefly?”

Obviously, this isn’t the ideal way to find love, and it isn’t for the majority of the past bachelors.

If you were to see how many couples lasted in the last 24 seasons, you would see the statistics are low for who ends up staying together.

Although, this show has a very good concept, that brings people together, either to watch the show or to discuss the details that occurred in the episode.

People in North America seem to adore the drama and the characters,  including the forever host, Chris Harrison, who has left the show with a consistently dedicated fanbase.

If you are looking for something to watch while procrastinating schoolwork, then take a look at The Bachelor, because it really is  entertaining and very easy to follow along with all the exciting drama that entails.

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