The Carnivore’s Conundrum: Hitting the gym

(Graphic by Steph Truong)

If you’re like me and don’t like lifting weights, counting reps or just working out at all, then the wellness pass is the perfect alternative to getting yourself to the Athletic Complex more than once this semester.

After already owning a wellness pass, a membership that enables you to go to as many aerobics classes as you please during the semester, I decided to renew my membership and for its price of $60, it’s worth it. Or, the drop-in rate of $7 offers an easygoing pick-and-choose type option if the member rate is too expensive.

For the challenge of extending my diet by fitting in a routine exercise, the Carnivore’s Conundrum took a trip to the Athletic Complex to try out the classes offered by the wellness pass.

Potential classes range from yoga, to step classes, to body pump and other alternative aerobics that are designed to make you get a good hour of exercise. This week, I tried to attend ones that fit my schedule.

Zumba, if you’ve never tried it, or never heard of it, is a Latin-style aerobics class that involves dancing and movement. As my first class of the week, it was an absolute blast and had me ignoring the fact that I was exercising.

Zumba is excellent since it is a low-pressure activity that is not advanced, so anyone at any athletic level can take it. If you aren’t coordinated don’t worry about it. If a gi-normous, awkward dude like me can do it, so can you.

Yoga, meanwhile, is more physically demanding on your muscles.

Although Yoga is supposed to relax you, which it does, the instructors will find positions and ways to move, strain and challenge your body into positions that you are not normally comfortable with. Your body feels great after but you have to work hard for this one.

If you are more of a Yoga padawan, then the class is perfect too. As many advanced options as there are, there are an equal amount of beginner alternatives. Yoga can be really great to balance out your day and focus you before a big test or assignment.

The most extreme class offered by the pass are the bootcamps, which rely on lifting weights while doing a series of aerobic routines.

Those who really want to sweat and get a hearty challenge, go for the gold by taking these classes (they don’t call it bootcamp for nothing).

Now, after taking classes here; a major difference between working out in the gym and working out in one of these classes: there is camaraderie.

So the Carnivore finds camaraderie this week, and next week he finds his inner peace with Zen Week. See you next week on a special showing of Pixar’s classic “Fat-atouille.”

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