The Carnivore takes a step back

(Graphic by Steph Truong)

I’ve failed you readers. This week was supposed to be “week on a budget”, with tips on how to eat healthy on a student budget and some good recipes that would last throughout the week.

But that didn’t happen and I spent a lot of money this week. What happened? How could I do this to myself when I knew that I had a commitment to The Carnivore’s Conundrum?

The trouble began when I spent around $60 on groceries. Which is a nice contrast to last week’s $150 spree,  but still not as low as I’d like.

My spending habits continued when I purchased posters from the poster sale, lost them and then had to buy them all over again the next day. The only thing left in my wallet were moths.

However, despite the bad spending habits, my true downfall began when I inadvertently ate leftover frozen yogurt in front of the girls at 22 Hickory Street.

I was mid-bite when I yelled, “THE DIET!” The group laughed, and then we all felt bad for my mistake.

Well, it was all down hill from there. After ordering a much-too-expensive beer, and downing some far-too-pricey Newfie screech, I slipped away from The Fox and had a delicious slice of Pizza from Fratello’s. Diet broken.

I proceeded to go to the movies on Friday night where you have to take out a second mortgage on your house to get any form of sustenance or entertainment. Although delicious, the popcorn that I ordered packed on the carbs.

If you think it stops there, it doesn’t. My housemate’s parents came for a visit and took us all out for lunch, and then cooked us dinner.

It was economical, thoughtful and extremely delicious, but fish and chips aren’t exactly in the healthy foods category.

To make matters worse, my own mother came up and took me out for dinner this past Sunday. Fortunately, she paid, but man did I pack it away. Family visits, they will always get you.

So, what’s the moral here? The punishment? Well, I realized that I’m not taking this thing seriously enough. If I am going to commit, I have to go the whole nine yards.         That means making sure I budget, taking my diets seriously and not giving into temptations – despite how delicious they are. Forgetfulness is my biggest obstacle; it can’t out do me.

That being said, the week we are currently in is going to be my real budget week. I’m withdrawing $80 at the beginning of the week and it has to last me until the end of the week.

That includes all Homecoming costs, food and drinks. To make sure that I stick to these rules, I will be giving my debit card to a confidant.

As for the diet, I will be actually planning my meals by creating a schedule, a very helpful and effective way to make sure your weekly eating habits are balanced and meet the criteria for consuming foods in each food group.

I did that the first week, but got a bit lazy.

I need to also start planning my days better so that I can make time to go to the gym and I’m not caught starving in between classes with no time to go home for lunch.

It’s time to get serious Laurier. We’ll be in touch, check the blog and see you next time on The Oprah SLIM-FREE show.

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