Eight rules for the perfect Homecoming


(Photo by Nick Lachance)

It’s the weekend where Laurier students can embrace their inner purple and gold and let themselves shine as we dive into a weekend that’s full of beer, pancakes and football.

Homecoming is what makes alumni immediately drive back to Waterloo to reclaim their favourite memories, and current students come together to show the opposing team what Laurier spirit is all about.

While we all have our sacred routines that we all like to adhere to during this special weekend, The Cord Life Staff has come up with a few crucial guidelines and rules that will guarantee your weekend is an unforgettable time – depending how crazy you get at those keggers.

1. Book off work. Seriously

Is that a no brainer? You won’t get any sleep and even if you don’t drink this weekend, everyone around will keep you awake because of the noise. You’re doing your boss a favour by not working this weekend.

2.  Have more than one pancake kegger option

Some will have tickets, others will have an entrance fee but you can’t predict the outcome of how quickly a place will fill up.

We all want to bring our friends and most importantly, we all want to party. However, you don’t want to be left stranded in your Laurier spirit gear with nowhere to go.

We’re sure that you won’t have a problem finding a place to go, but once again, it’s always good to plan ahead and keep your options open.

3. Bundle up

Heat from being drunk is only temporary,  you will sober up at some point and start to feel cold. Autumn is in full gear now, so layering up is a good idea.

4. Drink a lot… of water that is

Starting early will get you tired and if you’re determined to make it through the whole weekend, it is important to be (a little) healthy and keep your body hydrated with liquids that do not contain alcohol.

5. If you’re hosting, double-check the rules

Bylaws are extremely strict when it comes to drinking outside – especially when you step off your property and go onto the streets.

Make sure you know what is acceptable and what’s not, you don’t want to mess around with the law! Those fines could get pretty expensive.

6. Your homework is not going to go away

In fact, it’s just starting to increase. Like any other weekend, we like to hold off doing our homework as much as we can, but keep in mind that nursing your Homecoming Hangover will not help with your “Mass Communications in Canada” textbook readings

7. If you don’t like Homecoming, leave town

It’s going to be a fun shitshow, but if Homecoming is not your thing, then we suggest that you pack your bags. It’s going to get wild, it’s going to get messy, and very noisy.

8. If you don’t have a ticket, we’ll see you next year

Sorry folks, these tickets sell out fast. You could see if anyone is selling or too drunk to make it to the stadium.

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