The allegations against Armie Hammer

Disclaimer: this article refers to incidents of sexual harm   

Up until recently I hadn’t really heard about Armie Hammer. I hadn’t watched Call Me By Your Name, so his name was one I couldn’t put a face to. Sadly, I can put a face to Hammer now due to the horrific rumours surrounding him. 

On Jan. 10, 2021 an anonymous Instagram account (@houseofeffie) posted explicit messages between anonymous women and Hammer. 

The messages include detailed explanations of  “BDSM” sex fantasies that included a desire to cause pain, rape fantasies, drinking blood, cutting body parts and cannibalism—even going as far as calling himself “100 per cent a cannibal” in one of the messages.  

According to @houseofeffie—now private on Instagram—Hammer had multiple sex partners—both exclusive and polyamorous. She claims Hammer would call these partners his  “kitties” and coerce them into performing sex acts he desired without caring about their comfort or boundaries.  

Since @houseofeffie posted these screenshotted messages, five other women have come forth with messages they received from Hammer for @houseofeffie to post anonymously.  

Since the release of these messages, ex-partners of Hammer have backed the claims and have spoken about their own experiences with his sexual interests. 

Hammer’s ex Jessica Ciencin Henriquez—who can be seen with him in September 2020—is one of the few who has spoken out. 

On Jan. 23, 2021, Henriquez tweeted out, “If you are still questioning whether or not those Armie Hammer DMs are real (and they are), maybe you should start questioning why we live in a culture that is willing to give abusers the benefit of the doubt instead of victims.”  

Henriquez has not opened up about her private experiences with Hammer—which she does not have to do—but has made it clear through internet posts that she holds a lot of resentment towards Hammer.  

Henriquez also makes a wonderful point about rape culture in the media and the way victims are treated. Many people on the internet—including  Bella Thorne—have spoken out in support of Hammer amongst these claims calling them insane and fake, which actively invalidates possible victims if these claims are true. 

Two more of Hammer’s ex’s have come forth sharing private details of their relationship with the actor, claiming that he wasn’t just violent sexually but was also emotionally abusive while in their relationships with him. 

Courtney Vucekovich dated Hammer from June to October of 2020 and once these rumours surfaced, she spoke out against Hammer, calling her relationship with him “like dating Hannibal Lecter.” 

She spoke to Page 6 about Hammer’s desires to suck her blood and break her bones, as well as the emotional abuse that then allowed him to perform certain acts. Vucekovich called Hammer a very captivating person and that he uses this to manipulate his partners.  

She continued to explain that due to this, she would allow Hammer to suck her blood from small accidental cuts she would acquire and felt forced to do sexual things she was not comfortable with.  

Vucekovich also claims Hammer had the desire to break her bones because he wanted to barbeque her ribs. Vucekovich says he manipulates people to do out of character things—not just during sex—and makes you feel consumed in every way possible. 

Paige Lorenze—a 22-year old-model who dated Hammer from August to December of 2020—was in a polyamorous relationship with the actor and has spoken out about the traumatizing experiences he had put her through.  

Lorenze—like Vucekovich—experienced Hammer’s desire to remove and eat her ribs. She states that he was 100 per cent serious about removing her bottom ribs, even wantinga doctor to perform the surgery and telling her she didn’t need them.  

Like his other victims, she says she was forced into sex acts she did not want to perform. Hammer took it a step further with Lorenze by forcefully carving an ‘A’ just above her pubic bone.  

The model stated that that entire experience was painful and traumatizing and that Hammer felt no remorse for it but actually bragged to his friends about what he had done. Sadly, the abuse Lorenze faced didn’t end there.  

Hammer released private photos of the model on his private Instagram and Lorenze claims he also sent photos of her tied up, both of these done without her consent.  

Since these allegations, Hammer has dropped out of multiple of his upcoming projects while denying every single one of these claims—his lawyer denying them as well.  

Whether the claims are true or not, this Armie Hammer scandal can be a way to reflect on the way rape and sexual assault victims are treated when they are finally brave enough to come forward and speak about their experience. 

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