Tea shops of flavours

Image by Sidney MacDonald

The Buzz

A cult classic from David’s Tea, this caffeinated blend is perfect for a student who doesn’t want to drink any coffee but may still need that caffeine hit after not getting a full night’s rest. This blend of guarana, matcha and yerba mate as well as white ginseng makes the perfect citrus blend. This mate tea can also be blended with green tea, ginger or even citrus to complement its natural energizing abilities and create a super tea perfect for fuelling a study session

Cold 911

Many Laurier students can relate to the horror that is the Laurier plague and when sickness arises, so do many warm drinks to combat. Cold 911 is an herbal tea that will soothe a sore throat with flavours of peppermint and eucalyptus. Citrus and juniper will help to relieve any sore spots while even inhaling the tea can help clear any student’s sinus congestion. This caffeine-free hit is perfect to take just before bedtime to wake up and feel better in the midst of finals season.

Birthday Cake

As a fiery Scorpio, winter always reminds me of the birthday cake flavour as it’s not only my favourite type of tea but something I always get on my actual birthday. The vanilla notes make this tea not only a nice treat but the warm sweet tea is a nice pick-me-up on a cold winter day. The rainbow sprinkles infused into the tea leaves add a festive touch to give reason to celebrate any day of the year with this caffeine-free rooibos.

Mother’s Little Helper

While Cold 911 can help alleviate any sinus congestion or soothe a sore throat, Mother’s Little Helper is one to be used all year round, yet especially in the wintertime when midterms and finals can cause stress to a point where it’s hard to sleep. With ingredients chamomile, peppermint and lemongrass, this blend is made with valerian, dubbed as “nature’s valium” and can help one feel tranquil in a highly stressful time. Another caffeine-free blend, this tea is perfect to help clear a student’s mind and help them get a good night’s sleep.


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