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Uptown streetscape consults residents before construction on the city begins once more

Last week, the region of Waterloo released an online survey asking the city’s residents for their feedback regarding the ongoing uptown streetscape projects, to get a better understanding of the various needs, issues or suggestions for improvement that they might have for the uptown area. With the first phase of the uptown streetscape project being completed earlier this year, the […]

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Photo by Alex Trkulja

City Council approves 10-year streetscape plan for Northdale

Waterloo City Council recently approved 24 million dollars to be put towards a 10-year long-term streetscape plan in the Northdale neighbourhood. With the vast development occurring around the Northdale area, the need for further capacity and updated infrastructure is necessary, explained Waterloo councillor, Jeff Henry. “We get to take a 1950 suburban plan and imagine what the 21st century, vibrant, […]

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