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The ABC’s of OCD: Addressing the misconceptions

The ABC’s of OCD: Addressing the misconceptions

Obsessive compulsive disorder is often associated with organization and cleanliness. We often see fictional characters with cutesy, obsessive habits and their OCD can be magically cured when they fall in love. The idealized version of the mental illness is far from the reality. “When you hear that someone has OCD, it’s like, “oh they clean all the time!” Well, no, […]

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Unsigned: Understanding less common mental illnesses

There’s more to mental illness than the big guys: anxiety and depression. It seems to make a lot of sense. These are the mental illnesses that we see in the media and the more common illnesses in our university setting. Maybe that’s why real representations of other illnesses are so startling. Looking at OCD, the HBO show Girls jumped into […]

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