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Editorial: Social life without social media

Editorial: Social life without social media

Although there are plenty of arguments against social media and smartphones on the basis of their addictiveness, their manipulative nature, their propensity to impair cognitive functioning and so on, I am going to focus this editorial on addressing a common argument in favour of them.    Namely, that you should use them because they are necessary to maintain a social […]

by Jake Watts· · Opinion ·
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Unsigned: Ghosting Snapchat and the stress of real time social media

You know that feeling of hearing about all of your friends having fun at a party that you weren’t invited to? In real time, we call that feeling Snapchat. The popular app Snapchat has become a psychological game. We’ll post photos to our stories with the intention for a specific person to see it, then obsess over if they have. […]

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