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The fine line between Anti-Semitic language and ideology

The fine line between Anti-Semitic language and ideology

I’m sitting in the 24-hour lounge, pretending to study. I stopped listening to music a while ago and instead opted for casually eavesdropping on conversations around me, like the Samwise I am. At the table behind me, a guy is sitting with a friend and chatting. Their conversation is boring until another person walks by. He greets this person with […]

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Unsigned: Generalizing Queen’s for the poor actions of students

By now, it seems that every major news outlet in Canada has covered what has come to be known as the “Queen’s party,” where a group of students dressed up in racist costumes. Though the actions of the students must be condemned, we have sympathy for the rest of Queen’s students and administration. Calling all Queen’s students racist because of […]

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Fani Hsieh

There’s a troll in the dungeon

Don’t be a dick.

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