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OUSA hosts 50th annual general assembly

OUSA’s annual fall general assembly took place from Nov. 1 to 3 at Brock University in St. Catharines to discuss and debate three policy papers on different topics: ancillary fees, gender and sexual diversity, two-spirit & LGBTQ+ students and student disability and inclusion. “It’s an opportunity for all the different member associations who comprise OUSA, for their students to get […]

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Bina Mehta’s sustained excellence as a professor awarded at convocation

Each year, Laurier hands out awards to faculty for teaching excellence in multiple categories, and the recipients receive these awards at convocation, which occurred between Oct. 26 and 27 this year. The awards given for the Donald F. Morgenson Faculty Awards for Teaching Excellence include Early Career Excellence, Sustained Excellence, Innovation in Teaching, Excellence in Interna-tionalization, Faculty Mentoring Award, Hoffman-Little […]

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OUSA holds its bi-annual general conference, discussing new and renewing policies that affect students

Over the weekend, from Nov. 2 to 4, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) held their bi-annual general assembly conference at McMaster University. Wilfrid Laurier University was in attendance, alongside seven other member universities of OUSA, to discuss new and renewing policies. Laurier’s representation at this conference was six delegates; a number that proportionally represents the total population of students […]

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#textbookbroke campaign targets steep costs of textbooks

Jan. 15 marked the first day of this year’s local advocacy week for the #textbookbroke campaign which will conclude this Friday. To find a solution to mitigate the large sum of money students spend every year on textbooks, the Ontario Undergraduate Students Alliance (OUSA) and students at Laurier have joined the #textbookbroke campaign. “We know textbooks are very expensive and […]

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Student groups create collaborative report to enhance student mental health

A collaborative report, In It Together: Taking Action on Student Mental Health, was recently released as a call to the Province for greater action regarding the challenges and difficulties pertaining to mental health which continues to increase among students in Ontario. The report was compiled by four partners: the College Student Alliance, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), Colleges Ontario […]

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CCI pushes for graduated students to stay in Ontario

A new proposal created by the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI) has been making waves in the higher education sector, in hopes that students who leave for jobs in countries like the United States will reimburse tax payers for their post-secondary education. Originally reported in June by The Globe and Mail, those pushing for the proposal are high-tech CEOs and […]

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Unsigned: the CCI’s plans to keep knowledge in Ontario

The Council of Canadian Innovators’ discussion of charging Ontario students who leave the province after graduation is worrying, angering and also an example of regressive ideology. By restricting Ontario students, does that mean that they also want special job privileges for those graduated from Ontario universities? Or do they just want us to sit around unemployed while students who aren’t […]

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‘Freezing’ tuition costs would enhance academic access

Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance in partnership with the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union and other universities have been working on a fully-funded tuition freeze for students — essentially giving the money we owe to universities a time out. This is a step in the right direction for all students struggling to independently survive against the pull of surrounding financial vacuums. […]

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Freezing tuitions with OUSA

The Students’ Union is educating Laurier students on OUSA’s campaign for a fully funded tuition freeze from the Ontario government

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