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Why your vote really matters in this election

With the provincial election right around the corner, the fate of our province and its leadership will be placed in the hands of the Ontarians who actually show up to the voting polls on June 7 — and that can be a daunting thought. According to the Toronto Star, Ontario’s election turnouts are at an all time low  — with […]

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Minimum wage in Ontario sees increase this past week

On Oct.1, the general minimum wage in Ontario rose from $11.40 hourly to $11.60 hourly. The jump is a step in the provincial government’s plan to raise the general minimum wage up to 15 dollars hourly, first announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne back in May. The next planned jump is to $14 on Jan. 1, 2018, then finally to $15 […]

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Premier Kathleen Wynne visits WLU campus

Premier Kathleen Wynne visits WLU campus

On Jan. 24, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne visited Wilfrid Laurier’s Waterloo campus to hold a town hall. The town hall focused on the problems university students face and how Premier Wynne and the provincial government would address them. Students’ concerns varied. Some attendees raised issues about the competitive job market and how Premier Wynne could help create more jobs in […]

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