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Asking questions is as important as answering them when it comes to job interviews

As the summer months approach, many students are finding themselves scheduling job interview after job interview, in hopes of finding either summer or post-graduate employment. As much as we are trained in high school and even university to sell ourselves in job interviews, there are times when we are face-to-face with a future employer and we just draw a blank. […]

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Selling your confidence is the key to the job search

What sets us apart besides marks? With all the stressful desperation for students to excel academically, it’s easy for them to question the relevance of their grades in terms of acquiring a career. The equation has been embedded in our understanding through every grade, essay and final examination: good marks equal good jobs, and good jobs equal good money. It’s […]

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Lena Yang

Stepping into the unknown

The future is scary

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