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Photo by Sadman Sakib Rahman

Region’s first ION car sent back to Bombardier for completion

Earlier this month, the first ION light rail car to arrive in the Waterloo Region, vehicle 501, was shipped back to Bombardier, its manufacturer in Kingston, for completion. Tom Galloway, counsellor in Waterloo, noted that when the vehicle was sent to Waterloo Region last year, it was known that it was in an incomplete state. “We needed that vehicle in […]

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Photo by Luke Sarazin

First Light Rail Vehicle hits the tracks in Waterloo

  On Nov. 7, the first on-track test of an ION light rail car was completed in Waterloo. “This test is for wayside clearances, and platform clearances,” Tom Galloway, Regional Councillor for Waterloo, said. “So just to make sure that everything was constructed properly along the track. “This really wasn’t to test the vehicle at all, this was to test […]

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Graphic by Lena Yang.

LRT delayed due to Bombardier vehicle production

The Region of Waterloo has confirmed that the Light Rail Transit will no longer be up and running by late 2017, like they had initially hoped. Due to issues with Bombardier, the company that is manufacturing the actual vehicles, LRT operations have been delayed until early 2018. Regional Councillor Tom Galloway, who is also chair of the planning and works […]

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