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Photo by Jackie Vang

Thrive Week seeks to challenge stigma around mental illness on campus

This week Wilfrid Laurier University will be holding its Thrive Week, a once-per-semester week of scheduled events and sessions geared towards raising awareness and support for mental health, as well as opening up a dialogue to end stigma around student mental illness. ‘“For Thrive Week, our purpose is to create awareness and support for student mental health and educate students […]

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Graphic by Madeline McInnis

Food for thought: A detailed look at the culture of weight loss and fat shaming

  When I was eight years old, I weighed around 140 pounds. By the time I was 17, I couldn’t weigh myself with an ordinary scale. The digital ones flashed a loaded ‘error’, while the analog ones spun more than a full circle — all the way past 300 and into uncharted, supposedly uninhabited territory. But no matter how much […]

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