Students’ Union 2016 Presidential Platforms

Tyler Vanherzele online

Tyler Van Herzele

My platform is comprised of 4 pillars and 2 initiatives, which delve into multiple aspects of student life on campus. My pillars are Campus Safety, Mental Health, Connectivity and Awareness and Looking Forward. My Initiatives focus on Faculty Representation and enhanced communication through a segment called Prezent Questions.

I strive to create strong relationships with the student body to best represent the student voice. This platform was built off conversations with over 50 people whom I have met with personally. These pillars are the result of those conversations.

A platform cannot be explained in 150 words, so check out to get the full breakdown of each of the pillars and initiatives.

I believe that we are only as strong as we are together and this year I want to create the strongest student experience possible, but I can’t do it without you. This year, Let’s Ty it Together.

Tyler Murdock onlineTyler Murdock

The Students’ Union is an organization that exists to provide the tools needed for its students to succeed. Throughout my time at Laurier, it has managed to provide the tools I need in any endeavour. As your President of the Students’ Union, I want to make these tools easier to access for any student at Laurier.

I will focus on strengthening relationships with internal and external campus partners, so that students may feel confident as to the fact that they are being represented well.

I will continue to increase the transparency of the Students’ Union and the Presidential role, by consistently communicating what work is being done as well as engaging with students to better represent them and their interests.

I’ve spent my time at Laurier connecting with students, and showing them what tools are available. Please check out my platform at and remember to vote!

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