Students’ Union Board of Directors discuss plans for O-Week

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union Board of Directors has begun preparing for the fast approaching beginning of fall semester.

With training completed over the past weekend for the upcoming year’s cohort of O-Week ice breakers, attention at the July 9 Board of Directors meeting turned to the directors’ involvement with orientation activities.

The primary opportunity for interaction is at the annual Get Involved Fair, where directors will be available to engage with and answer questions for first-year students.

A former director in attendance spoke about the success last year of having goodies to distribute to freshman who approached the booth, as well as how their placement next to high traffic stations, such as a photo booth and snow cones, led to their success in attracting attendees to the Board of Directors.

Unable to rely on neighbouring stations for attracting the interest of attendees, discussion was focused on methods of creating an interesting booth, namely a return to the distribution of goodies and the incorporation of technology in their visuals through the use of digital slide shows.

A common theme was that of human engagement, with an effort to encourage consistency across directors regarding their information and levels of interaction with any passersby.

The door was left open for generating ideas over the rest of the spring term, as the Board of Directors works to ensure they utilize the fair to spread awareness of their role and resources within the Laurier community to all incoming students.

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