Street style at Laurier

Even with the surprisingly mild weather we seem to be having, it’s unfortunately still winter outside and that means everyone has to stay bundled up.

Thankfully, it appears that once the coats and scarves come off, we’ve still got some great looking students walking around. I don’t know if it was just the people I saw today or this is an early week trend, but I noticed that most outfits on students were less about drawing attention with the use of accessories and more about how certain outfits worked together.

Name: Lina Lie
Major: Second-year English
Style Inspiration: “I like fashion so I read a lot of Chinese magazines.”

Where she shops: “I shop in different places: sometimes China or Asia [her boots are from China]. I like to shop in Toronto at the Eaton Centre.”
Other than the fact that I’m jealous Lina bought her boots from China, what I really liked about her outfit was the amount of layers she had on. Since I was mostly obsessing about her beige cape and boots, I liked that all her clothes underneath were black. Although beige is usually a neutral colour, it definitely added a subtle pop to what she was wearing.

Name: Gabe Surian
Major: Third-year economics
Style inspiration: “Sometimes I just throw on anything, but usually I like to think about what I’m wearing. I don’t think I have an inspiration — I don’t dress the same way all the time. Sometimes I wear fitted [hats], or baggy jeans, raw denim? It depends; I wear anything really.”

Where he shops: “The shirt and the shoes are from Loop [in Uptown Waterloo] and I can’t remember where the jeans are from.”

I have to give a hand to any guy who doesn’t roll out of bed and wear sweatpants to class. His outfit was super casual, but it was the little details — such as the oversized fit of his shirt and the unexpected hood, that made it interesting. In short, it was an extremely relaxed, basic “jeans and a shirt” look but it was definitely still eye-catching.

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