Starter workout moves for women

The first of a three-part video series, “Starter workout moves” features participants learning basic exercises with personal trainers at the Laurier Athletic Complex.

1) Walking lunge with medicine ball twist

  • Take a large step forward

  • Ensure that your front knee does not pass the parallel ankle

  • Extend arms straight, rotate body to the left, return back to center

  • Step back to return to upright standing position

  • Repeat with opposite leg

2) Sitting shoulder press on stability ball

Plant your feet shoulder-width apart

Keep elbows at a ninety-degree angle

Extend arms above head, pushing hands to meet

3) Chest Flies

  • Lie on your back, ensuring that it is flat against the bench

    • Extend your arms upward, directly above your head

    • Opening slowly, making sure not to lower further than the height of the bench

    • Return to starting position

4) Russian twist with medicine ball

  • Sit on floor, or bench, to increase your range of motion

  • Move the ball across your body, twisting all the way from left to right

  • Keep your knees bent and feet off the bench

* 5) Lateral pull-down*

  • Place feet shoulder-width apart facing forward

  • Hold the bar just farther than shoulder width apart

  • Relax shoulders and pull the bar down towards your chest

  • Lean back slightly and keep a straight back (no arch)

  • Slowly return to starting position

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Starter workout moves for men to be released Friday, October 28th
Starter workout moves for pairs to be released Friday, November 4th

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