St. Paddy’s drinking games

(Graphic by Joshua Awolade)
(Graphic by Joshua Awolade)

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a religious holiday. I know, right?

However, over recent years it has become more of an excuse to party all day, especially at Laurier. The routine usually consists of early morning drinking, afternoon wandering and late night partying when you’re already hungover.

If you are hosting your own St. Patrick’s Day party and not a full blown cop-attracting kegger, you’re going to want to spice things up. Instead of normal drinking games like kings, and flip cup, which can be saved for any other day, why not try something a little more festive? We’ve compiled a list of St. Paddy’s day drinking games that will make sure everyone has an Irish ‘ol time.

Irish Poker
For this classic game, you will need a full deck of cards and full drinks for all players. Everyone is dealt four cards face down. It is crucial that everyone has a fully topped up drink with him or her because this one can get crazy.

The person left of the dealer usually goes first and has to guess whether they will turn over a red or black card. If they get it right, everyone else that’s playing has to drink their drink for the number of seconds that the card value shows. Face cards are valued as ten and therefore you must drink for ten seconds. However, if they get it wrong they have to drink the value instead. This continues until everyone playing is out of cards.

Pass The Shot Potato
For some strange reason, Irish potatoes are famous, so why not get right into the culture with this one, right? You will need one potato, a device to play Irish music out of and a few shots lined up for each player. This is basically the drinking game version of hot potato. With someone on music stopping duty, the players will pass the potato around in a circle until the music stops. Whoever is holding the potato must take a shot. Caution: this one gets messy.

The Leprechaun Coin Hunt
This one requires a little more proactivity but it can be easily the best one on this list.

First, the host gathers anywhere from 10-25 chocolate coins and attaches a sticky note to each one. Written on the sticky note will be instructions. These instructions can include things like: finish your drink, take a shot, chug a beer, give someone else a shot etc.

Then use a little creative genius and hide the coins with the attached sticky notes all over the house. Next all you need to do is set your guests off to try and find as many coins as possible. The person who collects the most is crowned the winner and should receive a prize; a shot will suffice.

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