Specific tips

I hate to pigeon-hole you into a certain group, but perhaps you already self-identify with one of the following character types.

Maybe you’re a bookworm and an activist, so for every gym rat and history buff out there, here are some suggestions as to how to get involved on and off campus.


The Writing Centre is a great way to get involved by helping others with your knowledge of essay writing and grammar.

If the Writing Centre isn’t enough, you could volunteer with Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications.

Many campus clubs cater towards the book-loving types, like the English Club, which is a great opportunity to network and find those with like-interests.

Check out the Kitchener Library’s book club and be on the lookout for authors visiting the Chapters store on King St.

History buff

The History Students’ Association is a great way to get involved and meet people – plus their t-shirts that read “All My Favourite Dictators Have Moustaches” are a big hit on campus.

If you’re into archaeology, take a look at opportunities to volunteer on digs abroad during your summer semester.

Get involved with the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic Disarmament Studies across the street next to Phil’s.

Politically charged

The Young Liberals, Laurier Campus Greens and Campus Conservatives are full of politically affiliated people like yourself – or maybe you could start up a campus NDP club?

The Political Science Association holds some great events and speakers throughout the year including opportunities to meet Laurier professors.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Cinema Politica screens about 10 documentaries a year and is affiliated with the university.

Attend a WLUSU Board of Directors meeting or Academic Senate meeting to learn about school politics and future opportunities to become a Director, Senator or Governor.

Apply to be on the board of WLUSP or LSPIRG to impact policy and organizational decisions, to get a real-life perspective of behind-the-scenes management.

Gym rat

The Athletic Complex has some crazy hours, so watch that you’re not too eager on the weekends and get up early just to find yourself locked out of the gym.

Signing up for classes at the AC instead of elsewhere is a great way to economize – they’re usually a flat rate for unlimited classes. A couple of weeks in you know all those not as keen as you won’t attend and you’ll get great one-on-one instruction.

Swim lengths at the newly renovated pool when the gym gets too crowded.

Runners’ Choice on King St. just north of University Ave. has great running workshops and free training groups available.

There are also plenty of clubs that might strike your fancy, such as the boxing, cycling or tennis clubs.


Whether you’re an artist, photographer or musician there are plenty of campus clubs that will appeal to you – such as the WLU Music Association and the Ministry of Anime.

More inclined to be artistic in the kitchen? Try the Culinary Arts Club.

There are many ways to get involved with the fine arts, like one of the many Laurier choirs or trying out for this year’s Laurier Musical Theatre production of College: the Musical.

If you’re more inclined to take in the arts instead of participate in them, look out for the deals you can get as a student for productions at the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall on campus.


Attend annual conferences like the Global Citizenship Conference (GCC), hosted in January and participate in the yearly production of the Vagina Monologues.

Look into on-campus groups like the Laurier Special Interest Research Group (LSPIRG), Peace for All International, the Cancer Awareness Society and War Child.

Is volunteering more for you? How about lending a hand at St. John’s Soup Kitchen down on Victoria St. or with the Waterloo chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Or volunteer internationally with the Global Studies Experience Program, and earn credits while you’re at it.

Loving the diversity of Laurier? Check out how you can get involved with the Diversity and Women’s Centres.

Like subtlety? The campus club Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) might be for you.


Joining the WLU Farm Market is a great way to get involved with promoting local produce and the agricultural food system.

Get involved with the Geography and Environmental Students Association and network.

Travel with the Yukon Field Course if you’re involved in environmental studies.

Become an EcoHawk to learn about issues and work on campus ecological projects.

Visit the Sustainability Office in 202 Regina to meet the Sustainability Officer and learn about other ways to take part in initiatives such as the Campus Environmental Audit.

Religious and Cultural

The Waterloo Lutheran Seminary on campus is a great place to get involved.

No matter what religious affiliation, there are a great number of campus clubs dedicated to particular cultures and religions including the Muslim Students Association, The Sikh Activist Network and the Laurier Christian Fellowship, among others.

The Chinese Students Association often has great events in the concourse, that include great food.

Of course, I’m not an expert and you’ll have to explore to find exactly where you fit in. However, the fact remains — getting involved on campus and in your community is a great way to network, make friends and find a life path that includes your interests. Whether it’s a semester abroad, the Accounting Association or volunteering in the community, there’s something for everyone.