Six candidates re-elected to WLUSU BOD

Just moments ago, the results of the 2011-12 WLUSU board of directors elections were announced.

Among those newly elected to the board include Sunny Chan, Andrew Chudnovsky, Zach Desson, Luke Dotto, Scott Fleming, Noah Habtemichael, Nick Nyhof, Bill Papanastasiou and Ryan Sher.

Candidates who have been re-elected to the board include Jonathan Collaton, Chris Oberle, Tom Papanastasiou, Jon Pryce, Jenny Solda and Chris Walker.

The candidates who were not successfully elected to the board were Alex Reinhart, Max Tremaine and Adam Warner.

An enthusiastic Chudnovsky stated, “The first thing I value is to completely open up the student government just to make sure that the students know what’s going on.”

Chudnovsky hopes to hold weekly hours in the concourse as a medium of communication between the board and the general Laurier population where students can feel comfortable to voice their opinions and concerns.

“It’ll raise voter awareness and let them know what they’re voting for and where their money is going and so when they do vote, it’s an educated vote so that it can really make a difference,” Chudnovsky concluded.

Dotto said, “It’s going to be a tremendous learning curve of the new board candidates.”

Dotto explained that the first item of business for the board members is to elect a chair. “Without a chair, we don’t have a direction. The chair gives the rest structure and meaning.”

“I think Nick Gibson is going to a fantastic president,” Dotto added about the results of the presidential candidates. “He’s an incredibly devoted student counter with the power and the courage of his convictions and I look forward to hopefully fostering that into the rest of the union.”

Directors for the 2011-12 year and the number of votes received are as follows:

  1. Jenny Solda – 2,608 votes
  2. Jon Pryce – 2,160 votes
  3. Chris Walker – 2,112 votes
  4. Jonathan Collaton – 1,871 votes
  5. Chris Oberle – 1,849 votes
  6. Tom Papanastasiou – 1,737 votes
  7. Sunny Chan -1,734 votes
  8. Bill Papanastasiou – 1,693 votes
  9. Nick Nyhof – 1,636 votes
  10. Andrew Chudnovsky – 1,609 votes
  11. Scott Fleming – 1,578 votes
  12. Luke Dotto – 1,576 votes
  13. Noah Habtemichael – 1,556 votes
  14. Zach Desson – 1,490 votes
  15. Ryan Sher – 1,467 votes