Five of six referenda pass

Of the six questions proposed in this week’s election, all but one passed.

A proposal to renew the Student Life Levy (SLL) at the Brantford campus failed, with 64 per cent of students voting against the measure. An identical proposal at the Waterloo campus passed, with a slim 55.7 per cent support.

With 64.5 per cent support, a proposal to create a student refugee sponsorship program (WUSC) was successful.

The creation of a School of Business and Economics Faculty Based Activity fee was successful, garnering 71.1 per cent support from SBE students.

“It shows the forward-thinking of the SBE…it’s a good representation of what SBE stands for,” said Aneesh Lal, outgoing SBE students’ society president and referendum party chair.

Referenda to approve WLUSU’s auditor and financial statements each passed, with 83.8 per cent and 82.4 per cent of the vote respectively.