Aslam elected to WLU board of governors

The results are in. Saad Aslam has been re-elected to the board of governors for a two-year term from 2011-2013.

Other candidates included Ted Brown, current director of the board for WLUSU and Tom Papanastasiou, who was re-elected to the board of directors for the upcoming year. According to chief returning officer Natalee Snell the results were extremely close.

Aslam was relieved by the result, admitting to being worried in the lead up to the announcement.

“Yeah I’m not going to lie I was pretty nervous. With the number of ballots cast this year I thought anything could happen. I’m glad that Laurier students decided to pick the experienced candidate. I look forward to the next few years,” said Aslam.

Asked about what he hoped to accomplish in his second term on the board of governors Aslam replied that he wants to “fight for students every day. There are only about five board of governor meetings every year, but every one of those is important.”

Papanastasiou and Brown were unavailable for comment in Wilf’s after the announcement.

For the WLU Senate, Aslam was acclaimed along with Kyle Hocking and Chris Oberle for the Waterloo campus. Cameron McGregor was acclaimed as the representative for Brantford.

WLU Board of Governors by the numbers:

Saad Aslam: 1,653 votes
Ted Brown: 1,387 votes
Tom Papanastasiou: 1,220 votes