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(graphic by Lizzy Cook).
(graphic by Lizzy Cook).

Let’s call it as it is, ladies. Is Valentine’s Day a day full of engaging in the showering of flowers, gifts, romantic cards and chocolate delicacies? Or is it just another day to remind us that yes, we are single.

Well, of course. It’s what I acknowledge as “Single Awareness Day.” A day where the feeling of loneliness consumes our minds as we watch what seems to be the entire general population of couples engage in romantic gestures while gorging on chocolates and sweets. It’s a day where you feel like the only single woman on the planet Earth without anyone to celebrate this day with.

But what is a girl with the blues to do on such a day that dedicates itself to romance that singles are excluded from? Shoot ourselves with cupid’s arrow? Or buy all the candy and chocolates that go on sale afterwards? Perhaps both?

But this so-called exclusion that many singles feel doesn’t have to happen on this day. Let’s look at the positive aspects to it. You could get together with a group of your single friends and buy small gifts and treats for one another. This provides you with the opportunity to engage in some of the practices that couples do on this day minus the relationship part.

Reading magazines and watching movies with the hottest celebrities can and will distract you from what is going on during this day. Most importantly, think of all the money you are saving on this day with not having to purchase some cheesy gift for your significant other. Spend it on yourself from sweets to clothing, or even pampering.

If that doesn’t do it for you, go out. Get the girls together, take out a fresh bottle of wine and hit up the bar scene for a night of dancing, laughter and moments you will never forget.

But above all, it is critical to remember: do not  — I repeat, do not — listen to the  saddest song ever invented in the history of depressing songs on Valentine’s Day. This is not a day for tears, but rather happiness because our wallets don’t take a beating like other’s do.

We don’t need a significant other to enjoy this day. Celebrate your singlehood and enjoy it while it lasts.

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