Gifts to avoid for Valentine’s

When it comes to picking out a gift, most girls squeal at the idea of receiving jewellery, chocolates or an adorable stuffed animal. However with boys, it’s hard to draw the line between “cute” and lame. Although I have justified Valentine’s Day as a “girl’s holiday” because of the Hallmark marketing scheme, it is blatantly rude to expect an amazing gift without giving something remotely thoughtful back.

Here are a few don’ts when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend.

The Teddy Bear
If you’re one of those people that thinks your boyfriend is truly going to get any actual enjoyment out of a stuffed bear well then maybe there’s no hope for you. Realistically they’re probably going to smile, thank you and tuck it away somewhere where none of their friends or roommates can call them out for owning such a thing.

Instead of a useless bear, consider getting your boyfriend a pillow or blanket with their favourite sports team’s logo on it. This is something that they won’t be embarrassed to keep on their bed and will definitely score you some points for knowing what sports team they’re interested in.

The Picture Frame
Another gift to avoid is the classic framed picture. Framing a picture of the two of you making out because you thought that this is cute and romantic will backfire. If your boyfriend felt like staring at pictures of you he’d probably creep you on Facebook.

A gift that’s more practical and delicious are edible arrangements: the boy-friendly version of flowers. These arrangements can get pretty costly depending on the type you chose so if it’s not in your budget make your own. Get a red basket from the dollar store and some red plastic bags and fill them with candy/chocolate/chips and all your boyfriend’s favourite snacks.

Ah yes, the most thoughtless and selfish present you really can go for. Not only does this say “I bought you a present but it’s clearly a present for myself,” but it’s tacky and overdone.     Guys aren’t going to be stoked that you spent $80 at Victoria’s Secret on a lace bra that they’re realistically going to see for about 2.5 seconds. If you’re set on getting your boyfriend underwear then maybe it’s best to get him underwear he can actually wear.

Fun heart-printed boxers are usually a hit for two reasons: everyone can use more underwear, and no one but you can see them; therefore he won’t be embarrassed to wear them if he doesn’t like them.

Basically your boyfriend doesn’t really care all that much what you get him for Valentine’s Day. But if you’re going to spend your money on something other than alcohol for yourself then it might as well be something your boyfriend is actually going to like or get use out of.

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