Signs your ex just isn’t over you yet


(Graphic by Lena Yang)
(Graphic by Lena Yang)

This article is comprised of actual stories of real ex-boyfriends. This is specific to ex-boyfriends because we all know girls can handle exes better. However, do keep in mind that these signs can be applicable to girls as well. I am just writing based on the experiences of my friends and myself.

The passive aggressive “I hope you’re happy” text
You just changed your relationship status to “in a relationship” with someone new, or maybe you simply uploaded a picture of yourself with another guy. Moments later you receive “the text” from the ex that is congratulating you on your newfound happiness. This text seems mature. In reality, this text is loaded with passive aggressive innuendos while your ex is simultaneously stabbing his voodoo doll of you. You may want to believe this ex has moved on, but if he did, he probably wouldn’t have cared enough to wish you good luck with your new boyfriend.

The hidden text agenda  
At first, you’ll think that is normal to communicate with an ex in a casual way.

You make small talk but before you know it, you will be arguing about the same exact thing that caused you to break up.  He is the king of the hidden agenda, and may even guilt you by bringing up things you used to do together or things you liked about him. The conversation leads to the fact that it’s “your fault” you broke up and eventually you’ll realize you’re happy you did.

The player persona comes out
This guy hits on every single girl in your area without losing eye contact with you. Your ex appears to be over you, however he chooses the closest spot in your vicinity to flirt with someone.

If you move, the playboy follows you. If you talk to another guy, the playboy one-ups you with two girls. Dallas is comprised of two large floors, but this ex will sit on you while he gets another girl’s number.

They still talk about you to your friends
This guy will use any excuse possible to bring you up to your friends and people that you know. There are a few ways this type of situation can go down.

In some cases, the more subtle exes will simply ask how you’re doing, tell your friend to say hi to you for them and remind your friend that he is happy you two went your separate ways. The more obvious ex likes to mention things he “doesn’t want you to know” but just happens to let “slip” to your friends. They may blatantly make stuff up like they cheated on you. They will prey on your friend’s weakness to tell you immediately, despite the fact they “begged” her not to say anything.

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