Unsettled undergrads


(Graphic by Lena Yang)
(Graphic by Lena Yang)

Here at Wilfrid Laurier University, we’ve got some pretty hard workers. Whether you’re in science, music, arts or business, you or someone you know is working extremely hard. From the late night assignment completion to the Saturday morning library excursions, people at Laurier put in the hours they need to be successful.

With almost 14,000 full-time undergrads, Laurier has no shortage of career-driven young adults that are eager to hit the workforce the second that their undergrad is complete. With this amount of confidence and ambition, nothing could possibly get their spirits down, right? Wrong. As graduation leers, there are a few things you may not want to hear. There are questions that younger students, parents, profs or even strangers may ask you that can really freak you out about what’s next.

Where are you going to live next?
This is potentially the most nerve-racking question you can be asked.

You  have been living in a sheltered home that was been provided to you. From your parents’ house, to first year residence to your recently abandoned off-campus pad, you have had it pretty good. Do you move back in with your parents? Will they make you pay rent? Do you try and move out on your own? It would be cheaper than paying an arm and a leg for a closet of an apartment in Toronto.

How much in debt are you? When do you plan on paying it off?
This question will usually come from the “successful business savvy” person in your life. This question in particular may come off as condescending and will usually make you feel poor. Maybe it’s your OSAP debt or your bank loan but either way you slice it, you’ve got to pay it back eventually. Either you win the lottery or work minimum wage working retail. You choose.

Are you going to miss Laurier?
This question is a doozy. As soon as it’s asked, you immediately get overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia and sadness. All those crazy Phil’s and Turret nights, all those early mornings for that one elective you basically slept through and everything in between. Your time as an undergrad here at Laurier was potentially the most fun you’ll have. Ever. Next question, please.

What jobs can you get with your degree?
At first, you may feel like you can answer this question with ease but you’ll come up blank. Your undergrad degree is definitely useful to some extent and you know it can be put to good use, but what jobs exactly will come of them? Maybe you’ve done co-op and have an idea of what your future could hold but other than that, you aren’t sure. If you’re in arts, does that make you an artist?

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
This is the worst of the worst.

After all you have accomplished and learned in your four years here at Laurier, odds are you have zero idea what you want to do. You will probably get asked by anyone and everyone who knows that you have finally graduated university.

They seem to think that as soon as you are handed your degree you will know exactly what job you want, with what company, in which city and at what starting salary. The only thing you’re wondering when you get asked this question is, “Can’t I just be rich and famous?”

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