Shrek Rave coming to Kitchener on March 24

File Photo by Heather Davidson

“IT’S DUMB JUST COME HAVE FUN. WHO CARES. COOL IS DEAD. idk hahaha.” Such is the description of an upcoming event known as a Shrek Rave in Kitchener. Limited to those ages 19 and over, this rave certainly isn’t child’s play, despite the eponymous character’s strong presence in our childhood years. So, why party like Shrek? 

Shrek Raves are quite a recent phenomenon – In fact, they’re international, with events across Canada, continental Europe and the United Kingdom. Upcoming Shrek Raves are planned for cities as far away as Amsterdam and others as close as Toronto. 

According to the Shrek Rave Official website, European Raves consist of “Shrek hits and party bangers” with the goal of “[bringing] out your inner ogre.” To help achive this goal, DJ sets, performers, “I’m A Believer” singalongs, giveaways, and themed drinks are promised, all in alignment with the general Shrek theme. Participants are also invited to dress up as characters from the film series. 

MODO-LIVE is the promoter responsible for the upcoming Shrek Raves in Canada, including the rave in Kitchener, which is in collaboration with Have Hope. The Shrek Rave will arrive at Elements in Kitchener on Friday, March 24, for ages 19+. 

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