September 29, 2010

5 years

WLUSU pulls Cord ads

After publishing a controversial article entitled “A gentleman’s guide to getting laid at WLU” in the Student Life section of the Sept. 21 issue of The Cord Weekly, Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union decided to pull advertisements from the newspaper.

The decision would amount to a potential $14,000 loss in revenue for Student Publications. Kat Lourenco, vice-president of marketing for WLUSU, said that they would re-evaluate the decision if “we’re finding articles that we really want to support.”

Printed Sept. 28, 2005

11 years

Homecoming parade takes a detour

At the 71st annual Homecoming celebration, 200 students participated in a parade which began at Seagram Stadium.

The parade took a wrong turn down Bricker Avenue instead of taking the planned route down Ezra Street, disappointing many students awaiting the passing of the parade. It was discovered that the parade was rerouted because police had decided to force traffic down Ezra Street.

Printed Sept. 29, 1999