September 29, 2010

“Laurier secrets for example – that doesn’t do anything, that’s just
‘here, I’m going to write a secret on
a piece of paper; – so I guess it’s a
waste of paper as well.”

—Ian Merkley, Campus Conservatives president

“The dualities of my own experiences certainly fed into my writing into my
world views and interests. I could
never really separate myself from my
background on the country I’ve tried
to embrace it and mine it and make use
of it in writing. My background is who
I am and it informs everything about
what I wrote.”

-Lawrence Hill, award-winning Canadian author

“I thought there was nothing more exciting than to meet an author whose
works I had read and to be able to
talk with that author about the
creative process, the writing process
and the development of ideas for books
and novels and things like that.”

-James Weldon, chair of the English and film studies department re: having writers-in-residence at Laurier