Dining Hall not the cause of some students’ gastrointestinal symptoms


Minor changes were implemented at the dining hall for this year. (Photo by Rebecca Allison)
(Photo by Rebecca Allison)

Wilfrid Laurier University began an investigation into a possible food poisoning incident at the Dining Hall Wednesday after seven students presented at Health Services with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

The university is not yet able to confirm food poisoning on Wednesday, but reached out to Public Health to do further inquiry after the students presented Health Services with similar gastrointestinal symptoms. Public Health, according to a statement on Laurier’s website, saw no indication that the Dining Hall — or food consumption — is to blame for these symptoms.

“We have a process in place with Public Health. So we notified them and they’re currently investigating the situation and exploring all possible causes. So once the investigation is complete then we can provide further information,” explained Lori Chalmers Morrison, acting director: communications and public affairs for WLU, on Wednesday.

According to Chalmers Morrison, Public Health will likely speak with Health Services, Food Services and affected students.

The Dining Hall and other food service venues remained open during the investigation.

“All the food production and food safety procedures are followed for every item, including safe food handling, temperature logs, all that sort of thing, so those procedures are being followed as normal,” she continued.

According to the statement on Laurier’s website, the university encourages students with the symptoms to rest, take Gravol, or to visit Health Services or their family doctor.

Since no cause has been determined, the investigation into the matter is still on-going. It is not known how long an investigation will take, or how many students have been affected so far.

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