Pryce to be next WLUSU chair

The board of directors-elect had their first training session this past weekend, not long after chair-elect Jon Pryce and vice chair-elect Jordan Epstein were elected. Last Wednesday, the Wilfrid Laurier University Students Union (WLUSU) board of directors-elect voted who would serve as chair and vice chair for the 2012-13 academic year.

Jon Pryce was acclaimed to his role as chair of the board of directors, after placing first in his re-election as director.

“[The feeling is] incredible, we’re going to do a fantastic job this year and I’m looking forward to hearing any new ideas that the director-elects have, and working with them on that,” Pryce said Wednesday night at the meeting.
With only two directors who have been on the board before, Pryce has an extensive training program lined up, not only for the summer but also throughout the school year. When asked about the inexperience of some of the directors-elect, Pryce was optimistic.

“The thing is, all the director-elects are really passionate about the position, I’ve been communicating with them and trying to make sure they are all on top of what they want to accomplish during the year,” continued Pryce. “I’m making it so they become confident directors, and I think that’s a process that not only needs to end in the summer time but continues throughout the year.“

He added that he’ll be training the director-elects also on provincial and non-profit business law. To build on last year, Pryce also plans to fill the representational gap, especially with the students at the Brantford campus.

“The one thing I think I need to work on this is year is trying to fill the representational gap, so reaching out to Brantford students more and to use more focus groups,” he explained. “Really to ensure that all the concerns that we have are focused on the ends, because if we don’t do that, then it’s really just operational issues.”

To prepare for the role himself, Pryce talked to past chairs, WLUSU administration and other members of the Laurier community.
As chair of the board, Pryce will be working very closely with the elected president for the 2012-13 year, Michael Onabolu. “We have a very good working relationship because of ACCESS charity, but other than that we’ve been good friends and I think it’ll work towards our benefit,” Pryce said.

Third-year kinesiology major Jordan Epstein was voted in as vice chair, after an entertaining question period.

“It’s a great honour, I’m really excited. My goal is to by the end of the summer to be fully transitioned, and know how to run meetings and act as vice chair,” said Epstein.

Pryce is extremely excited for the role next year, and hopes that next year will be successful. As for working with his roommate, current chair Chris Walker?

“I wear the pants in the house now, that’s all I am going to say,” Pryce joked.

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