Revisiting the past


Laurier’s Association of Black Students (ABS) celebrated Black History Month during the first two weeks of February with events that commemorate the achievements of influential actors throughout the history of inequality of people of African descent.

“It is our vision that by informing the community, the efforts and contributions of Black individuals as well as Black culture will be recognized and celebrated by those of all cultures; not only within February, but throughout the year,” Keneesh Mckenzie, president of the Association of Black Students stated.

One Seed, Many Roots: A Black History Month Celebration was held between Feb. 7 and 9 in collaboration with Campus Clubs at the University of Waterloo to raise awareness of Black History Month and celebrate Black culture. Events included “Rock Your Roots,” a cultural fashion show, “Discover Your Roots,” a Black History Month exhibit held at the University of Waterloo and “Showcase Your Roots,” a talent show featuring a diverse variety of performing artists.

On Feb. 13, the Association of Black Students also hosted “Black Think Tank,” a discussion of Black History Month and its progression over time.

“Black History Month is important to ABS and those of African descent simply because it’s a time to reflect on the past and be proud of how our people have progressed while enduring the consequences of inequality,” Mckenzie said.

A current promotional campaign to raise awareness and provoke thought about Black History Month, featuring posters with insightful quotes made by Black historical figures, has been implemented on campus.

“We hope that the Laurier community learns that Black History is very much relevant to the building of society as we know it and that our culture is in itself a diverse and vibrant one; one for all to partake in,” Mckenzie explained.

Black History Month is celebrated annually during the month of February in Canada and the United States.

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