Take advantage of post-holiday perks


Holidays are great. Everything from the big ones like Christmas, to the trivial superficial ones like Valentine’s Day, there is no denying everyone has some love for these occasions. Decorating, giving cards, eating food, spending time with loved ones, etc.; they’re great. However there is one other thing that is often overlooked as a great part of the holidays — the day after.

We’re often so caught up in preparing for that one day to celebrate. We buy decorations and gifts, we make cards and food and, there are so many things to shop for. When that marvelous day has ended, we take down the decorations, stop the love and wait for it to roll around next year. Why on Earth do we stop there?

We seem to have the right idea for Christmas, with the all so glorified boxing day where we shop around for really, really cheap things. Why don’t we make a big deal out of the day after every holiday?

The day after Halloween is marvelous, all the bulk candy is on sale for 50 per cent off or more. You can stock up on a year’s supply of candy for only $30. Or if you’re into decorating for the occasion, Halloween decorations are on sale too. You could even stock up on wicked decor for next year at super-sale discounts.

The same goes for Valentine’s Day and Easter. Chocolates and heart-shaped things, all cheap, unexpired and waiting for you to treat yourself to seasonal luxuries. There is no reason to ever buy full price candy when you have Halloween in October, Valentine’s Day in February and Easter in March/April.

There are plenty of occasions for you to keep yourself stocked on sweets and goodies for months. And the best part? This will allow you to eat cinnamon hearts in August and Mini Eggs in December.

When it comes to seasonal decorations, the same applies. Never again should you pay full price for another strand of Christmas garland, another Easter basket or a string of pumpkin lights. Be patient. Do a bit of day-after shopping to save yourself the cash.

Why not just celebrate the holiday a day late? If you’re one to exchange chocolates with your friends on Valentine’s Day, or buy eachother candy for Halloween, or gorge on marshmallow peeps for Easter, hold your horses.

Give each other some verbal affection to pay homage to the day and wait to share the gifts. This way, you get the opportunity to gift things for each other on a budget and you get to celebrate the holiday twice.

Retailers know how people work, so you have to know how they work too.
Obviously, they are going to set the price of holiday-special items at a cost that will allow them to gain the most profit. Don’t play into their games, outsmart the retail world and get them on the downside.

After the holidays they know people aren’t going to be as interested in buying a Christmas tree or abundances of plastic Easter eggs, so they reduce their prices to get rid of as much stock as they can. Hop on this opportunity and get those really cheap Christmas trees and as many plastic Easter eggs as you can hold.

Is it really that big a deal to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th or Easter whenever Easter is? It’s the sentiment that counts. There’s nothing stopping you from taking the premise of the holiday and simply pushing it back a couple days, a week, or even a month. Really, any day can be your Valentine’s Day. Make it a time when it’s convenient for you and make it a time after-the-fact when you can.

Same goes with Christmas; why not wait to exchange gifts with your loved ones after Boxing day or better yet, get the bulk of your Christmas shopping done a year early. We’re so caught up in celebrating at a specific time as though the sentiment will be gone if we wait. The sentiment won’t be gone and you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck. It really isn’t in the physical day; it’s in the atmosphere. Decorate your house for Christmas on January 5th, or give out your valentines on February 17th.

Don’t neglect the day after the holidays. We spend all of our energy on building up to the one day and do nothing once it’s over.

Treat yourself to bulk holiday candy, cheap decoration for the next year and a couple extra days of keeping the holiday spirit alive.

Make it a tradition with your friends to exchange gifts a week after-the-fact. Because as students, how can we ever say no to a thrifty way to celebrate the most materialistic of holidays.

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