Perks and quirks of drunk cooking


“So this is how you check if pasta is cooked, throw it against the wall and if it sticks it’s ready.”

Oh yes, the infamous YouTube star Hannah Hart has arisen from the depths of her kitchen to the computers of millions as they watch her cook drunk.

Hart has explained that she had the idea to make a cooking show and be drunk while filming it. The result, “My Drunk Kitchen,” has received “much critical acclaim from aspiring alcoholics everywhere” as stated on her website.

When you’re coming home from a great night out, what do you want to do the most? Quite simply, eat. When you drink your body produces more insulin to get rid of the high levels of glucose, which eventually decreases your blood sugar making you crave food to make those levels go back up. Hart’s cooking show hilariously demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of cooking while intoxicated. Here are a few to help you decide whether you should or shouldn’t cook while drunk:


• You can make food from anything you find in your cupboard that you would not normally do sober

• You can add beer to your pasta and you won’t care what it tastes like

• If your significant other always says you never cook for them, do it drunk and they will never ask you to cook for them again

• The taste of food is exceptionally better when you are under the influence

• Kind of measure — the more you mess up the more fun cooking will be

• If you tell your drunk friends a fact when cooking, they will think you are a Top Chef expert, i.e. “Carrots are good for your vision”

• You can tell if pizza is done is by trusting your nose


• If you don’t have a sober friend to help you out, you may be in trouble

• It seems like a really good idea to make phone calls to people you don’t really like while waiting for your food to cook

• You will wake up to one hell of a mess in the morning

• If you don’t thoroughly cook your food you may get sick in the morning

• Never read from a recipe because it will make you not want to cook

• Your chances of burning yourself increase exponentially

• Don’t cook if you drunk and feeling extremely tired, you may leave your food cooking over night

When you come home from that night at Phil’s, the party from down the street or the latest kegger you crashed, go back home and listen to those cravings you might have. It might be disastrous or it might be the best meal of your life, but if you are thinking of cooking remember that most important advantage of drunk cooking is to “Make sure to keep drinking otherwise you might know what it actually tastes like.”


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