Open mic at Wilf’s

(Graphic by Lena Yang)

What is there to do in Waterloo on Monday nights? You went to Phil’s last night and all your friends have early class Tuesday, but you don’t want to stay in. Wilf’s hosts an open-mic night starting at 9:40 p.m. and the music will have you singing along until the early hours of the morning.

Running the show are Nick Ewanick and Carmen — these guys are there early setting up, doing sound checks, making sure the line-up is in order and even performing later in the evening.

The sign-up sheet sits at the host desk all afternoon, waiting for people to drop by and add their names to the list.

“There are a lot of regulars who come out and sing each week,” said Ewanick.

“But there’s always new talent coming in. You never really get the same night twice.”

The musicians play sing-along, pub songs, though there are some original songwriters as well. The atmosphere is very enthusiastic and supportive of everyone who wants to perform, and the talent never disappoints.

“Well, the first band got up and played a few songs and closed with ‘Gangam Style,’” said fourth-year student Brooke Henry concerning this past Monday’s open-mic night. “And that’s when things got a little wild. It’s always a fun night anyway”.

On Oct. 1, open-mic night dedicated to first years — something Ewanick started four years ago when he was a frosh.

Each act will have between one and two songs before the next performer takes the stage. With a packed house, it’s an opportunity for first-year students to make their mark at Wilf’s.

“Even if you don’t know anybody in the bar, you know everybody in the bar,” explained Ewanick. Similar to the Concourse, once you are in Wilfs, it is almost guaranteed you will know someone within the first five minutes of being there.

An all-ages show, with half-price apps, and some of Laurier’s best non-professional musical talent, this is definitely one low-key Monday night you want to check out.

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