Muslim hotline is necessary to make victims feel safe

With anti-Islam hate crimes rising in North America, a group of local Muslim women in Kitchener developed a hotline allowing victims to report and document any confrontational incidents in the community.

This is undoubtedly an essential resource for those being tormented and oppressed by parts of their society.

Twisted political perceptions, radicalized ideologies and extreme acts of violence aren’t only the result of terrorist organizations — such implications also derive from westernized constructions that seem to justify unjust acts.

Donald Trump’s big idea to “ban all Muslims from entering American soil” certainly is a perfect example of oppressive ideals being spoon-fed by a brash political figure. Such ignorance is what ultimately fuels generalizations and indirectly gives illusive purpose to meaningless actions.

In the weeks since the Paris attacks, there have been mosques burned down, Muslim women attacked on the streets and vandalism on Hindu temples. The people being attacked are not the ones who have been attacking — they are as innocent as those attacked by these terrorist organizations that have sparked fear in every member of the world. Societal fear of terrorism should not instigate opposing acts of violence and destruction. But because it does, this hotline is essential in the community. Not only does this resource allow the documentation of incidents, it also guides victims and their families to local agencies situated to help them in times of trouble and feelings of unsafety. It’s a great method for people to feel like they are not alone, but it shouldn’t have to exist.

These acts of aggression that have existed long before the recent heightened anti-Islam events are part of a systematic oppression that needs to change. Intensified aggression does not help the issues existing within society — rather, it makes them worse. Initiatives like this allow victims to battle through the obstructions of segregation and fight against the ignorance being directed their way. Change is needed but K-W is making strides for a welcoming environment the world should replicate.   

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