March 24, 2010


“Everything is sunshine and rainbows….There’s nothing wrong with admitting ‘we have no money. We have to cut.”
-Laurier graduate Josh Smyth, on the unviersity’s view on its financial situation.

“Sell first-years into slavery.”
–Archaeology and classical studies student Anatolijs Venovcevs’ alternative solution to Laurier’s financial problems in the arts department.

“So hot and drunk in here.”
–The Hawk, in the Cord office on St. Patrick’s day

“This is what happens when economics calls the shots.”
–English professor Markus Poetzsch about the possibility of losing fourth-year seminars in order to accommodate more students in the honours program

“If feminism was already dead there wouldn’t be so many people trying to kill it.”
–Author and blogger Jessica Valenti highlighting the importance of continuing the feminist movement

“Every time Jim Flaherty gets up and talks about how well Canada is doing because of our debt to GDP ratio, I want to say you’re welcome.”
–Martha Hall Findlay, Liberal MP, on the economic legacy left by the Liberal governments of the 1990s and early 2000s

“It’s so messed up now. Students are paying higher tuition and I don’t think they’re receiving the best education that institutions can give them.”
–Chair of the English department James Weldon about the current state of education

“Would it really matter if the government sold it? No.”
–Laurier professor of economics David Johnson regarding privatizing the LCBO

“You can’t help but be happy for him. He’s a really good kid and we’re happy for him.”
–Gary Jeffries on former Hawks’ QB Ian Noble playing for Western next year

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