GSA election platforms

The GSA Annual General Meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Paul Martin Center on March 30, 2010. Polls will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the GSA website.

Presidential candidates

Adam Melnik

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If elected to the position of President for the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), I will to represent the graduate student body by these pillars:
1. Accountability: I will assume responsibility for the actions, decisions, policies, and services rendered by the GSA and it’s committees. I will serve the graduate student body with integrity, creativity, and transparency and act in the best interest of the graduate student body at all times.
2. Profitability: The GSA has struggled recently with consistently generating profits from the GSA Lounge, which could hamper further organic growth. It is my plan to consider the recommendations of the MBA student-consulting group currently analyzing new opportunities for the Lounge and implement solutions that will create real value for the GSA in the present and future.
3. Sustainability: The GSA has recently been made responsible for paying for the utilities consumed within its space on campus. It is my goal to work closely with Laurier’s Chapter of Net Impact to analyze the potential for developing a renewable energy source for the GSA. I will also encourage executives to host environmentally friendly events and work towards implementing a zero-waste policy.
4. Continuity: By maintaining meticulous notes of my actions, meetings, contacts, and projects I will produce an invaluable document for the incoming president and facilitate the induction of a new immediately functional executive. I will also continue and improve upon the initiatives currently undertaken by the out-going President and Executive including the graduate student health plan and monthly free breakfasts!

Christinia Landry

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While Laurier continues to expand our professional/graduate programs, it is evident that there is much work to be done to enhance the student experience of our community. Admitting more graduate and professional students equates to an increase in the already high demand for teaching opportunities, funding, office space, access to suitable advisors, quality professors, and a host of other concerns. As President, I will:
• Advocate on behalf of GSA members
• Pursue new initiatives with the Laurier Sustainability Office such as a complete sustainability audit of the GSA
• Collaborate with administration to create financial support for student parents
• Communicate with high-level administration (eg. Dean of Students: David McMurray) to ensure that improving the professional/graduate student experience is a priority
• Facilitate Departmental faculty-student forums to better address the unique needs of each demographic
• Create a strategic plan for future professional/graduate students at Brantford
• Host Departmental workshops regarding best practices in graduate student advising
• Offer relevant high-quality services for professional/graduate students and investigate new services (eg. subsidizing photocoping for graduate/professional students, media and technology rentals, graduate specific textbook buy-back)
After a year on the executive, I would be honoured to continue working to improve the experience of graduate and professional students at Laurier

Board of governors

Paula Bryk

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I would like to bring the unique graduate student perspective to the board of governors. As your representative on the newly elected team, I will work diligently to ensure transparency and accountability in decision-making while protecting student financial interests. Over 7 years of small business board experience has provided me with tangible and effective skills that will benefit Laurier. My goal is to promote environmental sustainability by reducing WLU’s ecological footprint through improving procurement policy and related activities. I want to help Laurier become a leader and example for other universities in Canada for environmental stewardship and social responsibility. I have a good working relationship with student senator, Sarah Quinlan-Cutler, and intend to work with her to deliver a cohesive message within Laurier Governance.

Javaid Iqbal

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Javaid has PhD in Biological Sciences from University of Leeds and BIT from MUL, Leeds UK. He has been working with University of Guelph for the last 8 years and now pursuing his MBA at WLU. Javaid is known for his team building, collaboration, fund raising and program development skills. During his stay at UoG he served on Social, Website and staff-development committees and developed new programs. Javaid’s dedication and contributions at UoG earned him “Innovative Leadership Recognition Award 2009”. He also won Staff Development Award and OCE Talent Opportunity Award. At WLU he is serving on the sustainable campuses committee and active in Seeds4Harvest Knowledge mobilization workshop series. Javaid has passion to: 1) make our campuses sustainable, 2) creating programs which provide enriched learning experience at WLU campuses and 3) make the WLU the Canadian university which attracts national and international students. Find more about Javaid at

WLU senate

Sarah Quinlan Carter (acclaimed)

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In my role as graduate student senator I plan to expand on my previous experience in the Senate. The 2010-2012 term will allow me to further develop relationships with other members of the Senate and Laurier government to promote important graduate issues and work towards long term change. I intend to represent graduate students to the best of my ability by being open to concerns with Senate related issues, by bringing attention to our student body, and by working closely with the GSA and the Board of Governors representative to promote and develop a better graduate student environment here at Laurier. I have an excellent working relationship with Paula Bryk, a candidate for the Board of Governors, and fully support issues related to her platform. We plan on working together to deliver a cohesive message within Laurier Governance.

VP: Advocacy

Julian Mason-Espin (Acclaimed)

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My budgeting will be conducted with transparency, exactitude, and clarity. As I review budgets, fees, and funding programs, I will study details and work with my colleagues to enhance the graduate experience. I want graduate students to have the resources they need to reach their fullest potential. I believe that there is terrific value in leveraging cash across our campus, our faculties, and our initiatives. I will work to create connections between faculties and between on-campus projects so as to develop stronger networks among Laurier’s diverse group of graduate students. Stronger organizational networks will allow funding to benefit a broader scope of parties and to create more impactful on-campus initiatives. My focuses are aligned with the values of the WLUGSA that prioritize both a collective voice for graduate students and corporate transparency.

Melissa Skerrit (acclaimed)

No platform submitted

VP: Student life

Jeremiah Beggs (Acclaimed)

I would love to institute Monday Night Football again as this attracts a good crowd. Other ideas that I have in mind are bowling days or Lazer Tag nights out just to bring together graduate students from a variety of programs to socialize. My primary goal for the upcoming year is to increase the social atmosphere so more departments get to know each other instead of being isolated within a specific department. Many of my efforts will be aimed towards bringing together Laurier’s graduate students to reflect a much more engaging social experience than what currently exists.