LSPIRG has an identity crisis, it is left-wing


RE: LSPIRG responds to Cord editorial, Oct. 14

Two publications ago, LSPIRG desperately attempted to defend its claim that it is non-ideological. I am surprised that they tried to lie like this to students. Anyone who has done any research on who you are knows that you are fringe left. Yet you claim you’re not. Let’s look into this .

I will not look in to your chosen words of “radical” and “social change” but let me just state that implies left-wing. What about your “Buy Nothing Day”? It is not capitalist but socialist.
Now let’s look at the groups under your umbrella. If any student looks the “Radical Choir” up on Facebook they are bound to know it is left wing.

It “likes” Green candidates, not Conservative, not even NDP.

This group performed at “Justice for our Communities! No to G8/G20,” undeniably a left-wing political statement, in addition to others like Laurier for Palestine (L4P), no right wing groups. Interesting.

Perhaps you have alienated them in a larger way. It could be that under your “affiliated groups” you have listed the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Centre for Social Justice.

This group is the umbrella organization that partners with AW@L

LSPIRG, you are left-wing. Go redistribute ALL your wealth to ALL students.

—Ian Merkley

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