Laurier street style: Oct. 26, 2011

One of my favourite things to do when I’m taking a break or pretending to study is people-watch. Clearly, I have an obsession with shopping and I find that the best inspiration comes from seeing how others put themselves together.
I know there’s a general opinion that Wilfrid Laurier University style is nothing special, but I’ve found a couple students recently who will change that perception.

We found a prime example up in the 24 Lounge from a budding designer.

Name: Alexander George Briggs Marshall

Major: Second year BBA

Style inspiration: “I just throw things on. A lot of the time it’s inspired by what I design too; a lot of it is more simple, understated and generally not too showy.”
Alexander has his own clothing line called George Briggs; a brand of custom-made, hand-printed t-shirts. To see his line of t-shirts for males and females go to:

Where he shops: “Most of what I wear is my own stuff, because I got sick of what other people made. It’s the same as how I dress, very simple, understated and classy. Mostly I just focus on details, each piece has little details. I also shop at Gloss in Kitchener-Waterloo.”

As Alexander said, his style is very simple and understated. He sported a blazer with elbow patches and black casual loafers that were paired with a button-down shirts and casual jeans. It’s a refreshing change from the standard “t-shirt and jeans” look on campus.

Normally, I try to avoid the Dining Hall because I never find anything appetizing nor visually interesting in there, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that at least not everyone was dressed in sweatpants or Laurier hoodies.

alt text

Name: Jade Francis

Major: Second year biology

Style inspiration: “Mostly I just whatever I think looks cute and pretty; I just like being comfortable during class. I do look at magazines, but mostly I take little pieces that I see and make it work for me. I don’t really want to copy them, but I want to do it in my own way.”

Where she shops: “Mostly Sauble Beach. I’m a manager at two stores: Longboard Woody’s Surf Shop and Garage. But the cardigan is from H&M and the flats are from Longboard Woody’s.”

Jade’s go-to-basics look features pashminas (she wears one everyday), cardigans and fun shoes. Waterloo’s weather is no friend to anyone who wants to look cute but stay warm at the same time. Jade exemplifies how owning a bunch of easy pieces to throw on at any time will instantaneously look well when put together.

I’ve been really impressed with the first years this fall, in their efforts to beat the “Laurier students only wear sweatpants or TNA” stereotype. There may be hope for them yet.

alt text

Name: Alyssa Gosse

Major: First year archaeology

Style inspiration: “I’d say more TV, fashion networks, stuff like that.”

Where she shops: “I buy a lot of my stuff from Winners and outlets. I also buy from thrift stores. The shirt and the chunky knit sweater are from Winners; the jeans are actually from the thrift store. I do like going to Fairview, but a lot of their stuff is high-end so I kind of just look to see what they have find something similar.”

And the bag? “It’s from the States, actually, I got it at Target.”

Alyssa was studying in the Solarium when her acid washed jeans and cream knit sweater caught The Cord’s attention. Her separate pieces that she had pulled together by contrasting lighter colours on top with darker ones underneath made for an enjoyable look. Plus that bag of hers was fierce.

alt text

Name: Laura Alexander

Major: First year global studies

Style inspiration: “To be honest, I don’t really know … I lost all my boots so this is all I really have.” Her boots are from Stoneridge.

Where she shops: “I really like Aritzia. But lately, when I’ve been going back home to Oakville, I’ve been finding a lot of stuff in their downtown stores and boutiques [Examples would be Fuel and Vocado]. I don’t really shop anywhere locally – but these leggings are from American Apparel and I like Skirt.”

What drew attention to Laura was what she described as her “grungy style.” Admitting bias, I’m preferential to oversized clothing with a little something extra thrown in. Laura’s ripped knit sweater thrown over top of leggings and laced-up boots was an impressive look. The little details she had, such as her rings, bracelets and knit headband really helped her stand out.

For anyone whose picture did not make it into this week’s Street Style, keep on the lookout for future articles. Stay classy Laurier.

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