Five nights of Halloween

This year the placement of Halloween is a rather enticing one. It is on a Monday, and knowing Wilfrid Laurier University culture it is safe to say this holiday will be celebrated starting on Thursday night.

Therefore, The Cord has taken the liberty to make these decisions a little bit easier by compiling a list of events and hotspots this Halloween season so you can celebrate accordingly. Check your Facebook events and organize your costume(s) for these upcoming festivities – this weekend will be one to remember .


This being the first day of an inevitable bender it would be ideal to pace yourself for tonight’s events. Saving up your energy is key; come Monday you don’t want anyone thinking your princess costume is a replication of the Bride of Chucky.

Event: Chainsaw – The good thing about singing Karaoke on Halloween is that you can wear a mask and nobody has to know it was you who butchered “Don’t Stop Believing.”


Friday means its time to amp it up a little bit. You may not be wearing your best costume just yet, but given the context of the weekend you’ll just have to hope for some mutual understanding there.

Event: Revolution Nightclub – It’s $10 to get in to Rev’s annual Halloween Pimp & Ho Costume Party, with prizes for the best ensembles. Rev is having their annual Halloween Pimp & Ho Costume Party. It’s $10 to get in, and they are awarding prizes for the best “Pimp” and the best “Ho” costumes.

Event: The Fox and the Fiddle – A pub night may be just what the doctor ordered for this Friday. If you don’t want all the glitz of a nightclub on this evening, check out the Fox for some spooky live entertainment.


Saturday is going to be one for the books. All your friends should be out on this day, avoiding the excuse of having class. Plenty of daytime to put the finishing touches on your costume will result in a polished look and its only right that you find somewhere to show it off.

Event: Beta Nightclub – Halloween Weekend with Arnej is being put on by the Uptown club on Saturday. However, recent questions about the future of Beta Nightclub have surfaced online and the ticket price and link to buy tickets seems to be non-existent. If you’re planning on going to this event keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Event: Halloween Club Crawl 2011 – A club crawl is being put on by Student Tours. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased on their website. The crawl starts at the Duke of Wellington at 7 p.m. so get there early.

Event: The Turret– Put on your costume and head to campus this Saturday. There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday than with people from your classes – if they recognize you under your mask that is.


T’was the night before Halloween and all through Waterloo, people were dressed up, with no idea what to do – until now.

Event: Phils – Phil’s will no doubt be crazy busy this Sunday, so if you are planning on going get there as early as humanly possible. Nobody wants to miss retro night whilst donning a costume.

Event: Cameo – Cameo Nightclub is putting on an event called ‘Fatality’ this Sunday. Costumes are highly encouraged and you can buy advance tickets for $10 or pay a pricey $20 at the door. Check out the Facebook event for contact details.

Event: Bobby O’Brien’s – If you are up for venturing into Kitchener, Bobby O’Brien’s Irish pub is putting on an event called “Night of the Living Irish” this Sunday. A $500 dollar cash giveaway for best costume and $3 dollar drinks will make for a spooktacular night indeed.


Halloween is finally here, and lets be honest you are exhausted. Tonight would make for a great night to pig out on Halloween candy, carve a pumpkin, and watch terrifying movies with your roommates. If you live in an area where kids are around be sure to make it known you are giving away candy.

And hey, if you’re not up for spending a night in come Monday there’s always Phil’s.

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