Laurier SOS expands

The Exam-AID sessions, run by the student organization Laurier Students Offering Support (SOS), which were previously made available only to business, economics and math students, will expand this year to include a number of arts and science programs, including anthropology, psychology, political science and English.

Sara Paterson, public relations executive for Laurier SOS, explains that the main objective for the group this year is to continue an expansion of Exam-AID sessions.

“The goals are definitely to expand into other departments. We’re always looking for new volunteers as well, either to come on the trips or just volunteer with the actual running of the charity. The more money that we can raise, the more we can send over to these communities.”

Paterson states the importance of the Exam-AID sessions lies not only in funding the SOS volunteer initiatives, but also in the Laurier academic community.

“It has become such a staple in business and economics courses. Every year people are eager and waiting to get into the Exam-AID courses. Just them finding it helpful and telling their friends; that has helped us grow leaps and bounds.”

For the 2008-09 year, Laurier SOS raised over $65,000, more than doubling their $32,000 earnings from the previous academic year.

The money funded development projects in both Honduras and Costa Rica.

In Junquillo, Honduras, funds were donated to the establishment of a kindergarten classroom, allowing for local children to attend school at an earlier age.

For the last two weeks in August, 22 volunteers travelled to Poasito, Costa Rica, which suffered a devastating earthquake in January 2009. Laurier students assisted in building a city centre, which will provide aid and support for locals.

The money to fund both projects was raised though SOS Exam-AID sessions, which are volunteer-run study sessions that help Laurier students prepare for midterms and final exams for a $20 donation.