The Midway State kicks off Wilf’s concerts


Last Thursday, The Midway State performed at Wilf’s as part of a weekly concert series entitled “Thursday Night Live.”

The opening band, Everlea, hit the stage around 11:15 p.m. to a crowd of about 20 people who were there for the music, and about 60 others who were drinking or eating supper.

The energetic and talented pop-rock band played a strong set including two new songs, “A Day Late”, “A Dollar Short” and “In Between”.

This was the first time “In Between” was performed live. The audience, including those preoccupied by their drinks, joined in clapping along to the lyrics “we don’t have any friends” as Everlea rocked out.

A crowd gathered around the stage when The Midway State was announced – no doubt to hear their hits “Never Again” and “Change For You”. When the band began, a group of girls started dancing in front of the stage and fawning over The Midway State’s songwriter, vocalist, and pianist, Nathan Ferraro.

These girls would likely be pleased to know that he is currently single. “I don’t have a girlfriend. I’d like one though. I like girlfriends,” he told The Cord in an interview.

He also really likes love, specifically romantic love, as this is the inspiration for the majority of his songs. He said that his songs are “mostly about love because that’s what I like thinking about and because it’s the coolest thing, ever.”

Clearly a hopeless romantic, Ferraro explains he is living in a fairytale dream world and hopes to take his fans there with him asserting, “We want to engulf people in our sound. We want people to relate to what I’m saying and feel like a part of it.”

As for their live show, The Midway State played mainly original songs along with an Elton John cover of “Tiny Dancer”. Their music style is light rock with confessional lyrics often stemming from Ferraro’s personal experiences. Again, love is the main theme here and this comes across in the way he flirtatiously interacted with the audience.

Inward Eye is set to perform at “Thursday Night Live” tomorrow at Wilf’s.

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