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Additions to WLUSU’s student health and dental plan

This year, the undergraduate health and dental plan has been revamped in order to better accommodate students in need of medical coverage. In the past, students covered under the health and dental plan could only receive generic drug prescriptions, but now they will be able to receive both brand name drug prescriptions as well.  Brand name prescriptions will be available with 50 per cent coverage, while generic prescriptions will receive 80 percent coverage. Students can now also register for a new Direct2u prescription program, where they will receive 100 per cent generic drug coverage, and eight per cent on brand name drugs.         This program will also allow them to have prescriptions delivered to the U-Desk for easy pick-up, and 24-hour access to a pharmacist.  For students wishing to opt-out of the health and dental plan, the deadline is September 21.

Laurier  SOS go to Peru

This past summer, the Laurier Students Offering Support (SOS) group planned a trip to Peru to provide education and developmental support programs to communities in need.  The trip was paid by volunteers, who will also live in the communities and do charitable work while gaining worldly experience by interacting with societies and cultures outside of their accustomed lifestyles. While in Peru, SOS was  partnered with Las Casuarinas, and helped  build a community centre to help the town flourish.
Volunteers also had a chance to teach English and tutor students.

-Compiled by Elizabeth DiCesare

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